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Confederate 1st National Flag of the 15th South Carolina Heavy Artillery Battalion

CSA Flag Sold

This historic flag was in some of the worst fighting of the Civil War. The “First National” type Confederate flag, better known as the “Stars and Bars,” was the first flag adopted by the new Southern Republic in 1861. However, due to its similarity to the U.S. flag, it was later replaced by more familiar versions of the St. Andrew’s Cross style flag on a white background.

Maj. James T. Lucas commanded the 15th South Carolina Heavy Artillery Battalion and brought this flag home after the war. The Battalion was formed June 6, 1861, on James Island, one of a number of coastal artillery batteries guarding Charleston Harbor. The battery saw vicious fighting throughout the war, as the Federals attempted to control the city with its mighty warships and thousands of ground troops.

The flag was invoiced by the firm of Hayden & Whilden under contract. Despite some scattered moth damage, it is in good, supple condition. The flag is made of fine, lightweight single-ply English wool bunting, with stars of cotton and the lettering originally of red silk ribbon that has faded to pink. It measures 40 1/2 inches on hoist and 63 1/2 inches on fly.

Confederate 1st National Flag - $85,000.00

CSA Bonds

These bonds were issued to raise money for the Confederacy and paid varying amounts of interest semiannually. Each bond had interest bearing receipts, called coupons, attached to the bottom or side. Every six months a coupon would be removed from the bond and redeemed for the amount specified. Some bonds had coupons payable until 1894.

We have several of each type of bond available. Click on the thumbnail to view each bond.

$1,000 CSA Bond with U.S. Customs House $1,000 bonds paying 6 percent interest. Ornate border with image of the Old U.S. Customs House, which served as CSA executive offices and treasury. (Criswell #130)  -  $95.00 each
$1,000 CSA Bond with Jefferson Davis $1,000 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Ornate border with CSA President Jefferson Davis and a view of Richmond from the west.  (Criswell #125)
 -  $150.00 each
$1,000 CSA Bond featuring C.G. Memminger $1,000 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Ornate border with image of the first CSA Secretary of the Treasury, C. G. Memminger.  (Criswell #92) -  $95.00 each
$1,000 CSA Bond featuring Industry  $1,000 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Ornate border with vignette of Industry, represented by a lady seated on bales of cotton, with ships in the background, and a cornucopia at left. (Criswell #99) -  $95.00 each
$500 CSA Bond featuring CSA Soldier $500 bonds paying 7 percent interest. Printed on dark pink paper. Ornate border with top vignette of a Confederate soldier warming his hands over a campfire. The bottom image is a steamship. (Criswell #121) -  $95.00 each
$500 CSA Bond featuring C.G. Memminger $500 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Image of C. G. Memminger, first CSA Secretary of the Treasury, in center, with 500 in each of the four corners of the bond and a large 500 on the front of the bond.  (Criswell #124) -  $95.00 each
$500 CSA Bond featuring Commerce $500 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Ornate border with allegorical female representing Commerce seated on a large cotton bale, looking toward a sailing ship over her right shoulder. In the left background is a train passing to the right. (Criswell #55) -  $95.00 each
$500 CSA Bond featuring T.H. Watts $500 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Ornate border with image of T. H. Watts, third Attorney General of the CSA. (Criswell #72)  -  $95.00 each
$500 CSA Bond featuring R.M.T. Hunter $500 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Ornate border with image of R. M. T. Hunter. Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter served as CSA Secretary of State and Confederate senator from Virginia. He was considered one of the "Southern Triumvirate," along with Jefferson Davis and Robert A. Toombs, and was regarded as an effective spokesman on the southern position before the Civil War. (Criswell #73) -  $95.00 each
$50 CSA Bond featuring Commerce and Agriculture $50 bonds paying 8 percent interest. Vignette in center shows two females, the left one representing Commerce and the right one representing Agriculture.  (Chriswell #5). Printed on thick bond paper. -  $95.00 each

CSA Coupon Bonds

         $15 CSA Coupon Bonds $30 CSA Coupon Bonds

These $15 and $30 coupons are from bonds issued by the Confedederate States of America. Interest was paid every six months on the bonds, and bond holders would cut off a coupon and turn it in to receive an interest payment. The dates on the coupons range from July 1, 1865, through July 1, 1894.

$15 Coupon Bond -  $4.95 each
$30 Coupon Bond - $5.95 each

One of each ($15 Bond and $30 Bond) - $9.95



Other Coupon Bonds (click on the thumbnail to view)

$2 CSA Coupon Bonds 1861 $2 Coupon Bond - $4.95 each
$4 CSA Coupon Bonds 1863 $4 Coupon Bond - $4.95 each

CSA Currency

$100 Note  - Slaves Hoeing Cotton

Slaves Hoeing Cotton $100 note that accrues interest of 2 cents per day. Obverse shows in the center two slaves working the cotton field. At right, a woman "Columbia" is standing adorned in robes. At left, an image of John C. Calhoun, U.S. Vice President under John Quincy Adams.

Printed in black and red ink on watermarked paper. The reverse the when various interest payments were made.
Criswell #T41) - $195.00

$100 Note - Steam Locomotive

$100 CSA Note featuring steam locomotive $100 note that accrues interest of 2 cents per day, paid annually. "Diffused-steam" locomotive in center and milk maid at left. The reverse of the note shows when interest was paid, and when the note was reissued in Houston, Texas. "CSA" block letter watermark. (Criswell #T-40)  -  $195.00  

Newspapers Published During the Civil War

Southern Papers - $125.00 each or 3 different for $299.00

Daily Richmond Examiner

Daily Richmond Examiner newspapers

Daily Dispatch - Richmond, Virginia

Daily Dispatch Newspapers

Charleston Courier

Charleston Courier Newspapers

New York Herald from 1861 - $65.00

NY Heral 12031861

What an opportunity to own a piece of American history! This authentic newspaper dated Tuesday, December 3, 1861, measures approximately 15 3/4 inches wide and 22 inches long. The front page displays a map showing the "scene of the encounter between the Union gunboats and the Rebel Tatnall's Mosquito Fleet on Thursday, November 26," in which the Rebel fleet was driven back.

Other news in the edition mentions affairs at Manassas and Pensacola, news on the upcoming election for mayor and other officials in New York, and the opening of the first session of the 37th Congress, along with President Lincoln's views on the slavery question. The edition totals eight pages and is in pristine condition

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