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(The SS Republic  sank in 1865 and was recovered by the Odyssey Marine Exploration team in 2003.)

3 Coin Set - New Orleans Mint Issues


This beautiful set, recovered from the shipwrecked SS Republic, includes three Seated Liberty Half Dollars minted in New Orleans from each of the three governments that controlled the mint during the Civil War.

The New Orleans Mint is the only mint in history to be operated by three different governments. Prior to 1861 all coins were struck under the authority of the United States.  Louisiana took over the mint after it seceded from the United States. The Confederacy took control of the mint in 1861 and made its own half dollars until their supply of silver bullion was gone.

These uncirculated coins are certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and are boxed in a premium "scrimshaw" style display case and also include a certificate of authenticity.


3 Coin Set - $2,495.00






Siam Cash Coin  1790-1880



Sizes may vary.  Please call for larger quantities.


$1.00 each  


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